Below is a list of our current available skates in stock.
Check out Our Skate Catalog tab to see the entire line of skates and parts we can order!

Vanilla Jr. (Men's 12 Silver/Black/Red combo in stock, multiple colors available to order!)
Sure Grip Cyclone (Men's 7, 8)
Men's whole sizes only
Candi GRL Sabina
Black/Rose Gold
Women's 9
Candi GRL Sabina
Women's 9
Lucy (Pineapple 12j-2, 3-6)
Adjustable for growing skaters! Comes in 12j-2 and 3-6.

Sure Grip Fame (Black or White) $165+tax
White sizes 2-9 in stock!
Black sizes 2 & 6 in stock.
Candi GRL Sabina
Women's 9
Sure-Grip #73 FAME International
Women's size 6
Last Chance Styles/Sizes
Brand new to you but the last of their kind and cannot be ordered in another size/color.
JR Celebrity Artistic (Black)
J10 & J11

Pacer ZTX (Black, size 2)
(New design coming for 2024!)

Pacer Charger (Black/Blue, 11J) $67+tax
(New design coming for 2024!)
Pacer Charger (Pink/White, 10J) $67+tax
(New design coming for 2024!)