Below is a list of available skates in stock.
More styles available in our catalog!

Pacer Charger (Black/Blue) $67+tax
Rock GT-50 (Black)
Mens sizes only
ZTX (Black)
Vanilla Jr. (Silver/Black/Red combo in stock, multiple colors available to order!)
Pacer Charger (Pink/White) $67+tax
ZTX (White)
Sure Grip Fame (Black or White) $165+tax
Lucy (Pineapple)
Adjustable for growing skaters! Comes in 12j-2 and 3-6.

Last Chance Styles/Sizes
Brand new to you but the last of their kind and cannot be ordered in another size/color.
APEX P-1 (Pink)
Boys 5
JR Celebrity Artistic (Black)
J10 & J11