Mission: To develop skaters to be able to skate safely while performing competition style movements. A group of skaters that can perform shows and exhibitions as a fore runner to a competitve career.

Skate Club Requirements
• Skater must have their own personal skates of a quality equal to the skills they are working to develop
• School age children and adults who are able to work with a coach and in a peer group setting. 
• Complete Club Registration and pay all fees pertaining to USARS and/or AARS regarding membership and meet fees
• Available during the scheduled practice time to become proficient with the group

Skate Club Benefits
• Free admission for specific public skating sessions
• Public sessions included in Club package
               6:00pm - 8:00pm         
  •                1:00pm  -  4:00pm
               • 1:00pm  -  4:00pm 
• Parents or guardians admitted to free sessions with the Club skater. Parents or guardian may skate with personal skates or pay skate rental
• May schedule private lessons during Club time.
• Charter Club 10% Discount on selected skates.

Skate Club Costs
• Monthly $40.00 fee due on the 1st of the month

• All rink safety rules, set a positive example
• All rink business rules, especially no outside food or drink
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