Learn To Skate
Up Dated 7/1/15

Learn To Skate Class
Kids 10 and younger

Saturday Morning
9:30 – 10:00 AM



Learn to skate classes are run weekly every Saturday morning, except as noted.  Skaters will learn to:

·        Fall and get up safely

·        Stop and start safely

·        Successfully roll on one skate for extended periods. 

·        Complete the requirements of RSA Super Skater. 


The parent or guardian must be present for the first class.  The cost is $4.00 per week and includes

·        Weekly 30 minutes of instruction.

·        The 10:00 AM – Noon Kids 10 and Younger Sk8 that follows the class.  

·        Rental roller skates if needed.


Saturday Schedule

9:15 PM Check in and get skates. 

9:30 AM Learn To Skate Class

10:00 AM – Noon Kids 10 and Younger Sk8

Private One On One Lessons.  Learn to skate or learn to skate better.  Skaters being accepted from beginner to advanced. 

 The lessons are private, one on one, taught by a USA Roller Sports certified coach.  The lessons include:

·        30 minutes of warm up time

·        30 minutes of private instruction

·        30 minutes of practice time after the lesson

·        use of rental skates if you don’t have your own

The is $20.00 per lesson and must be scheduled in advance.  See any of our managers to register and the coach will call you to confirm time and day. 

Available days and times

·        Sunday morning

·        Saturday morning

·        Tuesday morning or early evening

·        Thursday morning or early evening

·        Friday morning

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do we have to sign up for the whole summer?

A.  No, you can shift or skip days as long as you coordinate it with the coach. 


Q.  How old does a child have to be to take lessons?

A.  The child should be old enough by your estimate to work with a coach one on one for thirty minutes. 


Q.  My child like roller blades, can she use them?

A.  Yes, some skaters think they are easier.  Long term you can do more and skate competition using standard quad roller skates. 


Q.  Will there be awards for completing the Learn To Skate phase of lessons? 

A.  Yes, we have two programs levels as established by the Roller Skating Association. 


Q.  Will there be other skaters on the floor while the lesson is going on?

A.  Yes and no.  The lessons are taught during private club practice time so competition skaters may be practicing at the same time.  But, no, there is not public skating while the lesson is going on. 


Q.  Do we need special safety equipment or clothing? 

A.  No.  If you are more comfortable you may wear safety equipment such as helmets, wrist, elbow and knee guards.  Clothing should be appropriate for the sport and not present a tripping hazard to the skater. 

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