Learn To Skate Class
Saturday morning from 9:30 A.M - 10:00 A.M is the Kids Learn to Skate Class.
​Then stay and enjoy the 10 & Under Session from 10am-12noon that is included!!! 

The Staff ~

  • Allen Bell - Owner and operator and USA/RS certified coach. Mr. Bell has decades of competitive roller skating experience along with USA/RS certification as a National Panel Judge, Chief Referee and Meet Director.

  • ​Jeanne Sincavage - Co-Owner FSC and USA/RS AC3 certified coach, judge, and referee. Ms. Sincavage has 30 years of competitive roller skating  experience in school figures, team and solo dance skating.

  • ​Jim Adams - Jim has been part of the competition circuit for almost twenty years and works with various class programs. Jim is a USA/RS Certified coach.

  • Chanel Michale - Holds a National Silver Medal in women's free skating. She is a Radiology Techologist in her professional life.

  • ​Shannon Wechsler - A national competitive figure and dance skater as well as a professional elementary educator.

  • John Weiderhold - John has been teaching competitive roller skating for more than 30 years. His skaters have earned numerous national awards. He also is a USA/RS Certified Coach.

The Objective ~
Teach kids to fall and get up safely
Stop and start safely
Successfully roll on one skate for extended periods
​Complete the requirements of RSA Super Skater
​Most important...HAVE FUN!!!!

​  1. What if I can already skate pretty well, is there a class for me??
​      Answer - At your first class, the instructor will evaluate your skills and assign   you to the appropriate class.
​ 2. What if I already have skates, can I use them?
      Answer - Yes
 3. Who will teach the class?
​      Answer - The class is supervised by our USA Roller Sports certified coaches and members of our competitive clubs.
 4. How old should a child be to skate the class?
​      Answer - The child must be mature enough to pay attention and follow directions. This is a class atmosphere and you know your child best.
​ 5. Can teens and adults skate the class?
      Answer - Yes
​ 6. Can older siblings skate the 10 and younger skate?
​     Answer - Yes, but they must understand the session is for the younger skaters.